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BioZyme Vitalize® Equine Digest More® Plus

BioZyme, Inc

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Are you looking for an all-inclusive equine supplement? We know that a healthy horse is a happy horse, but what about a horse who has superior gut health, hoof and coat health and is gaining weight at the proper rate? Here is a supplement your equine partner needs to get that #goodgutfeeling.  

What is Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus? 

Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus is a pelleted top-dress for horses that contains Amaferm® for increased digestibility, MOS for sequestering pathogens, and biotin and zinc for coat and hoof health.   

Amaferm is critical to both the foregut and hindgut health of your horse, keeping it at the top of its game. In the foregut, Amaferm works to keep the intestinal environment stable, enhance the response of the immune system and ward off pathogenic challenges. Amaferm, in the hindgut, works to stabilize pH to minimize digestive upset, maximize beneficial fiber digesting bacteria, increase microbial enzyme secretion for better overall digestion and increase production of volatile fatty acids for energy Studies: (McDaniel J. Anim Sci 71 2164-2172). 

Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus is a multi-beneficial supplement that will have your horse healthy on the inside while looking its best on the outside. Amaferm aids in overall intake, digestibility and absorption, helping with overall digestive health. The combination of Amaferm and MOS helps increase digestibility by 17% and absorption by 30%. The Amaferm helps buffer the hindgut and keep a balanced microbe in the hindgut, providing support and preventing hindgut ulcers. The nutrient absorption benefit of Amaferm assists in healthy weight gain, and finally, the added biotin, zinc and overall absorption of nutrients provides a healthy hair coat and hooves. 

Horses already being fed a fortified feed and premium forage make the best candidates for the Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus, as there are no added vitamins and mineral, only the supplemental benefits of Amaferm, MOS, biotin and zinc, all at less than $1 per day!  

In addition to the key ingredients listed above, this daily supplement contains wheat middlings, corn distillers dried grains with solubles, yeast extract, soybean meal, calcium carbonate, lignin sulfonate, natural and artificial flavors, propionic acid (a preservative), acetic acid (a preservative), benzoic acid (a preservative) and sorbic acid (a preservative).

With more than 50 years of extensive published research and over 110 university and clinical studies, Amaferm (Aspergillus oryzae fermentation product) is a natural, precision prebiotic to support the horse’s entire digestive system resulting in an increase in digestibility, absorption of nutrients and volatile fatty acid (VFA) production. Amaferm has been shown to increase digestibility by up to 17% and absorption by up to 30%. 

Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus is the smart, economical choice for your horse’s daily foregut and hindgut health. You’re feeding them high-quality grain and hay; don’t skimp on their health on the inside and out. Keep their gut feeling its best keeps them performing at their best while keeping their outside appearance looking its best, too. 

Product Overview

A pelleted supplement for horses designed to support hindgut health and digestion of nutrients as well as hoof and coat health.


Nutrient Absorption
Digestion & Nutrient Absorption
Hindgut Support
Hindgut Support
Weight Gain
Weight Gain
Hoof Care
Hoof & Coat Health


  • Contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility.
  • MOS helps normalize hindgut microflora and supports the immune system
  • Biotin and zinc promote healthy skin, hair and hooves.
How to Feed
Feed to horses using the following guidelines: 1 level scoop = 1.50 oz., 1/2 scoop = 0.75 oz. Foals/Ponies = 1.5 oz Horses = 3.0 oz

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