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Ezium Metabolic 2 Month Reclosable Pail


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Due to recent shortages in plastic packaging, that the lids provided on our current 2-month (19 lb size) pails are very difficult to open. Once the pull/tear tab is removed, you will need to use the claws of a hammer or a set of strong pliers to grasp each of the 4 tabs holding the lid on the pail in order to loosen/remove the lid from the pail. You no longer can do so by hand. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working to find better options.

EZium Metabolic is a daily magnesium supplement with added chromium. Elevated levels of insulin and glucose are typically associated with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (typified by obesity, insulin resistance, laminitis). When under stress, horses release the stress hormone cortisol. The form of chromium in EZium Metabolic has been proven to reduce not only insulin and glucose but also cortisol levels in the blood. Feeding EZium Metabolic daily reduces the negative health impacts associated with magnesium and chromium deficiency in obese, laminitic, insulin-resistant, and horses under extreme stress.

19 lbs of EZium Metabolic in a handy reclosable pail. Contains a two-month supply at the recommended dose of one scoop twice a day. Available in persimmon flavor.

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